DRA Track Meet Results

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DRA Track Meet Results

Middle School Track Meet at SHHS.

Middle School Track Meet at SHHS.

Middle School Track Meet at SHHS.

Middle School Track Meet at SHHS.

Anglea Vine, Reporter

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The middle school track meet was held on Friday, April 5 at Shadow Hills High School from 3:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Coach Chris Wilson’s Diamondbacks came home with quite a few  ribbons!

Top 20 Track Results

Men’s Results

50 Meter Dash– 6th. John Rios

100 Meter- 4th. Jose Gonzalez

10th. Christian Gonzalez

12th. John Rios

200 Meter–  7th. Logan Pulley

400 Meter– 3rd. Micheal DeTamble

800 Meter– 3rd. Christian Gonzalez

1600 Meter– 9th. Logan Pulley

4×100 Relay– 1st. Micheal DeTamble, Kaleb Marquez, Jose Gonzalez, Logan Pulley

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay 2nd Pulley, Logan  , Marquez, Kaleb, Gonzalez, Jose , DeTamble, Micheal

Women’s Results

50 Meter Dash– 2nd. Amber Kardol

4th. Grace Suer

7th. Melissa Ramirez

13th. Maylee Dunnell

19th. Valencia Rojas Farley

100 Meter– 5th. Amber Kardol

10th. Melissa Ramirez

20th. Maylee Dunnell

200 Meter– 3rd. Grace Suer

4th. Montserrat Salas

13th. Melissa Ramirez

17th. Isabel Navarro

400 Meter– 13th Isabel Navarro

18th. Diana Espino

1600 Meter– 2nd. Angela Vine

4×100 Relay– 3rd. Angela Vine, Isabel Navarro, Montserrat Salas, Amber Kardol

4×400 Relay– Montserrat Salas, Grace Suer, Diana Espino, Angela Vine