DRA loses great guest teacher

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DRA loses great guest teacher

Matthew Stevens, Reporter

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Mr. Garrow, PE guest teacher who started the year as a Diamondback,  left Desert Ridge Academy (DRA) on Monday, September 23, 2019 to be a science guest teacher at La Quinta Middle STEM Academy (LQMS).  He left Dra because his time as a long- term guest teacher at DRA. was over.   When his current assignment at LQMS is over, he will be available to come back to DRA.

“Mr. Garrow is a fantastic guest teacher. He works hard and the kids like him a lot. We hope he  comes back soon,” said Ms. Flaherty.

“Mr. Garrow was a great instructor and helped his students a lot,” said Giovanni, an 8th grader at DRA.

“He was a great asset in the PE department, and he is really missed,” said Coach Launer.

“I really like Mr. Garrow; he was really good with the kids, We knew it was his time to go, and we were really sad he had to go,” said Coach Ramos.

“I really appreciated Mr. Garrow, and he was a really great guest teacher, and there were less kids, and more coaches, so we knew it was his time to go,” said Coach Sommaripa.

A lot of students are really sad he left. Mr. Garrow is a really great teacher and DRA misses him.