Things have changed here at DRA

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Things have changed here at DRA

Camila Vega, Reporter

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Some 7th and 8th grade students are impressed with of all the changes at DRA. First, every Thursday we have an extra period called A.I.R time where students learn about accountability, integrity, and respect at DRA. Each week students are taught a lesson from Character Strong, a program designed to teach character development. The focus this quarter is on showing kindness.

Next, we have a new and very different lunch schedule because the whole school is split in half, and now  it’s “Lunch A” and “Lunch B.” Last year we had two lunches, but the school was divided into 6th grade lunch and 7th/8th grade lunch. Lunch isn’t as crowded this year, but not all students are happy with the changes in the lunch schedule.

“I don’t like the lunch schedule because I don’t have most of my friends in my lunch and that’s why I don’t like it,” said one disgruntled Diamondback.







Last, but definitely not least, we have new Diamondbacks!  We have Mr. Carnes and Mr. Valdez (new 8th grade math teachers), Mrs. Sarah (new counselor), Mrs. Rodriguez (new counselor), Mr. Mackay (new education specialist), Mr. Alles, art teacher (he was long-term art guest teacher last year and has been an unofficial Diamondback for years), Mr. Gomez, PE teacher (he was long-term math guest teacher last year and is now an official Diamondback PE teacher), Mr. Solis (assistant principal), and our new principal, Dr. Mendoza.

“We’re really happy to have new staff here at DRA and we hope they feel welcome,” said one content DRA student.

Mr. Carnes, 8th grade math.

Mr. Valdez, 8th grade math.







Mrs. Rodriguez-Montano

Mrs. Sarah McNaughton








Mr. Alles, art teacher

Mr. Mackay, Education Specialist








Dr. Mendoza, principal

Mr. Solis, assistant principal