American Sign Language Club

Saige Goostree, Reporter

HEY DIAMONDBACKS! So Desert Ridge Academy is having a really cool club! ASL (American Sign Language). Sign language is a very cool talent to have. Not alot of people learn ASL in school. Espically middle school. There is mainly classes for ASL in colleges! Do you want to hear a story that actually happend to my mom? Cool, lets get into it.

So my mom is heading to the Mail Building to pick up her mail. And she comes across this woman. Sitting on the stairs of the building and crying. My mom has taken ASL classes in the past, (In college, not middle school) so in this case. She was prepared. She walks up and says “Hey, are you okay?”. The woman looks up at her and starts signing. After a little conversation, my mom knew what happend. This woman went into the building to collect her mail. But the people didn’t understand her signing. After a while she gave up and went to the stairs. My mom brought her in and helped her get her mail. My mom and the woman walked out. They got to the bottom of the stairs, the woman hugged her. And said “thank you”.

Now this story warms my heart every time I hear the story. But theres one more part to this. My mom was at the grocery store getting our grocerys. And she runs into the woman that she met at the Mail Building! The woman recognized her. And hugs her again. Oh I love these kinds of stories. This could happen to you in fact. What if you met someone and no one understood them but you? Wouldn’t that be really cool. Bye DiamondBacks. And remember a Diamond Back has Accountibility, Integrity, and RESPECT!See the source image