Merit card earners have blast at Boomers

VIvica and Annika, NoName Production

DRA hosted a field trip on Friday, February 7, 2020 at Boomers in Palm Springs.

This field trip to Boomers was for all students who are merit card earners. From Gold to regular Diamondback earners, this field trip was bound to be fun. DRA provided tokens and bumper car rides for all the students attending.

“I was so excited to be going to Boomers,” says 7th grader Vivica. “I hadn’t gone in a long while, so I was very excited to go on the trip with my friends. I especially loved the bumper boats and go-karts.”

“The field trip was a good time,” says Matthew, 6th grader, “I spent a lot of time with my friends doing go-karts, games, and golf. Also, it a great time.”

A great time was had by all!