ASL club is the place to be

Bailey O'Malley

DRA’s American Sign Language (ASL) club meets in 313 at 11;16 for first lunch and at 12;06 for second lunch.

First lunch has so many people that they can’t even add anymore and some people have to sit on the floor just to be there! In ASL club students learn  how to sign. The club is even going to learn how to sign a song for the rally in March. The club is during both lunches, and it’s a walk in anyone can join when there’s room. The club meets on Wednesday every week, and recently on every first Thursday of the month!

“It’s a good opportunity to go, because you get to communicate with more people and it’s very fun, ” said Kaylah.

“Ms. Kent is very nice and I think It’s really fun, and a great way to learn ASL. I’m glad this club came to DRA. Also currently we are working on something for the next rally,” said Saige.