DoRA’s thrilling spirit week

DoRA's thrilling spirit week

On the week of 2/3/20 DRA Middle School hosted a Dora spirit week for their students. DRA decided to go with the theme of Dora because it fit perfectly with their name. Many of the students who attend DRA were thrilled by the color choices picked for spirit week. These colors included pink and orange for Dora, orange for Swiper the Fox, red and blue for Boots, white for the Map, flowers for Dora’s aesthetic, purple for Backpack, khaki and light blue for Diego, orange and gold for Grumpy Old Troll, and on Friday students were allowed to wear their DRA spirit shirts or their 4.0 Dora shirt. Lots of students were participating in the DoRA spirit week and were wearing their 4.0 shirts on Friday to show their spirit.

“I liked that I got to express my style through the color choices of spirit week, ” said an anonymous 8th grader.

“The 4.0 DoRA shirts were pretty cool, ” said an anonymous 7th grader