Distance Learning? Yay or Nay?



On July 17. 2020, Gov. Gavin Newsom  ordered all school campuses to remain closed for the beginning of the academic year.

Distance learning? Yay or nay? At first, everybody was unsure about distance learning. Today, people are really frustrated with distance learning. Parents and students are complaining.  There are pros and cons.


Pro #1: Students are staying safe

Pro #2: Teachers are staying safe

Pro #3: Adaptability and freedom

Pro #4: Easy access

Pro #5: Time

Pro #6: Access for people with disabilities

Pro #7: Students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace

Pro #8: Convenient for teachers and students

Pro #9: Families are staying safe

Pro # 10: Friends and just people in general are staying safe

Con #1: Students can not focus/learn online

Con #2: Parents work

Con #3: Students are used to getting school breakfast and lunch,  but nowt they have to drive all the way to the students school to get food. Sometimes the food is not fresh.

Con #4: Technical difficulties

Con #5: No physical interaction

Con #6:  Distance learning does not help in developing oral skills and social interactions

Con #7: Difficult to choose a quality educational program

Con #8: Some people don’t have strong internet access

Con #9: May not have a quiet place at home

Con #10: Antisocial