Daily Announcements for Tuesday, September 8, 2020


  • This week is Suicide Awareness Week: Today we want your to learn a stragety fo Improve your Mood-At times we may find ourselves feeling down or upset and don’t know how to get out of that feeling. Color or draw for 5 minutes or listen to your favorite upbeat song to bring your mood up or to just enjoy some time doing something you love. Try it today!
  • Focus of the month is Kindness:  Watch the Character Strong video on the Daily Announcement document on the website to learn about today’s challenge: In today’s challenge, we want you to  give attention to your parents or guardians by making  a formal plan to “hang out” either in person or digitally with him/her or them! Set a date and time to do something they love. 
  • Activities Calendar: GSA and ASL Clubs meet today at 1:50, and 3D Printing Club at 3:10. Check out the Activities Calendar for this week for more information. 
  • Save the Date for Back to School Night- It will be Wednesday September 16 from 2:30-6:30. Your parents will have an opportunity to attend as many sessions as they want, but do not need to attend all. Check out the Back to School Night Flyer for more information. 
  • New Office Hours: We are physically open every day via the Library Window from 7-11 am, except Wednesdays. On wednesdays we open from 1-5 pm.  Our phone lines are open daily from 8am -4 pm. Remember, we are here to serve you, never hesitate to come by or call for assistance.
  • StudentVue and Zoom: Remember to login to your zoom class via StudentVue from now on. If a teacher is having issues they will let you know via google classroom or email.  Remember to call the office should you have trouble accessing your zoom class at (760)393-5500, do not wait until the end of the day to call. Also, remember to continue to log on with your camera on and your full name displayed. Zoom attendance is required.  
  • Today’s Shout-outs go to:
    • Our PTO and Admin for the 1st year Anniversary of our Parent Center, way to go!
    • Mrs. Dougherty for being a happy, kind, and funny teacher that puts a smile to her students faces from Giselle Santibanez.
    • Mr. Amparo (emperor amparo) because he is very funny and doesn’t give us too much work and he makes it easier to pass his class from Mia Johnson.
    • Mr. Alles for being his caring, funny, and kind self! From Advanced Art Class. 


Those are the announcements for today-