KDRA News for week of Sept. 28, 2020


Week: 9/21-9/25

  • Focus of the Month is still Kindness:  Start with Hello week is this week! We will be holding different Spirit challenges for this week. In today’s challenge is “Reach out to a friend day.”  Send them a text and ask them how they are doing.  Start with hello!
    • This week is also Deaf Awareness Week! A  national week of celebrating deafness. The week focuses on promoting the positive aspects of deafness, encouraging social inclusion, and raising awareness of the organizations that support those who are deaf.
  • Student Activities: I am not sure if we received an activities calendar yet. If you have please include.
    • DL Support and Enrichment Program: We are excited to announce that our DL Support and Enrichment Program starts this Thursday, September 24! We will have a team of individuals supporting your academic needs after school and providing some fun enrichment activities too. Don’t miss out, check out the flyer on the website to apply! Everyone is welcome! 
    • Online Registration: Online registration deadline was Sunday September 20th. If you did not get a chance to update your registration online, please make sure you pick up a registration packet from the library window at your earliest convenience. 
    • Meal Applications: Meal applications are still required, you can go to www.schoollunchapp.com or pick up an application in the library window from 7-11 am monday-friday, except wednesdays. On Wednesdays we are open from 1-5 pm.
    • TDAP: If you are a 7th grader and you have not turned in your proof of TDAP it is important that you do it now! Please call 760.393.5500 if you have any questions. 
  • Thank you for all the wonderful shout-outs, we will be sharing 5 a day to catch up, but please keep them coming!
  • Do you want to include some staff shout outs?? Here is the document that houses all the shout outs as they come. I typically highlight the ones I’ve already done. If you do, please highlight them too.