Bullied seven year-old opens a huge food pantry making his life all about positivity

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I’ve been doing some research for some good news in the world! There is more going on in the news than the pandemic, and fires. We want some good news too!  Here is a really amazing story about a kid who found a great way to spread positivity!

A seven year old boy, who got bullied at school , found a way to channel the energy through something good .

(Lets say his name is Kevin)

“After I was bullied I felt a darkness inside of me, I knew I didn’t want other kids to feel the same way I felt. So I asked my mom if she could help me spread love and positivity. And more I gave back to my community. The more I wanted to keep doing it”

Kevin is living in Maryland with his mom and their extended family. Even before the bullying started up, Kevin was already doing his part to give more during the global Covid-19 Pandemic. Funded by his own savings, Kevin started to create and give out toiletries for his elderly neighbors. With many requests pouring in. They also created a food pantry in a space given by a local warehouse.

This food pantry idea was sparked from a road trip he took with his mom to Mount Rushmore.

“My mom explained  to me that people live on the reservation, and some didn’t have what they needed to survive,” Kevin told the Washington Post. “Some of the houses didn’t have electricity or running water.”

With a lot of donations as well as donations from a website. Kevin and his mom have managed to make enough essential supplies to fill a 53-foot semi-truck. Twice. His mom used some of the donation money to hire a driver. She also reached out to Alice Phelps. The director of First Families Now. A nonprofit humanitarian organization whose focus is bettering the lives of families and children on the reservation.

“He believes he can save the world, and I believe him. He just carries that. Well, no problem, lets do it, and he doesn’t see anything as a challenge. So I love that innocence about him” Phelps told a news caster.

The first shipment went out in July and was loaded with nonperishable food and cleaning supples, as well as shoes, clothing and diapers. With the cold approaching fast the second shipment in September also included coats and blankets.

“It’s just a blessing to be helping them” said Kevin. Whose heritage is in part Native American. “I’m trying to make sure they have what they need to survive, cause thats their only land and… they’re lfike my family.”

Kevin says he hopes to see bullying fully disappear by his 18th birthday – ten years from now. While 2030 may be a while away. With Kevins persistence. He may be able to reach his goal, and continue to inspire others and live a great life in the process.



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