10 Small Acts of Kindness That Could Make Someones Day!

Hello again Diamond-backs! I have some small acts of kindness you can do in your everyday life that could possibly make someones day. Here they are. :

  1. You could do a chore without anyone knew you did it or without someone telling you to do it first.
  2. You could leave happy notes around your house with positive quotes or sentence.
  3. Call family members to check-in and have a nice conversation.
  4. Help out with dinner!
  5. Compliment a stranger.
  6. Send a friend a positive text.
  7. Thank a teacher before class starts on zoom.
  8. Pick up trash you see lying around your house or street.
  9. Maybe head to the park and write some positive messages on the concrete with chalk.
  10. And finally give your family member(s) a hug.
  11.  BONUS : wear your mask outside!!!

Remember to lead the way with Accountibility, Integrity and Respect! (Even on the weekend) Have a good day!