Don’t judge teens by their taste in tunes

Don't judge teens by their taste in tunes

Nova Mae

Teenagers these days usually listen to Rap, Kpop, Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, sometimes Spanish music, and much more. Teenagers listen to these type of genres, because it all depends on their feelings. It depends on the person. If teenagers listen to Rap and it’s sad, they are probably feeling depressed or sad. If they listen to Rock or Heavy Metal they are ready to rock out! It all depends on who they are. These types of genres get misjudged everyday because people don’t look at the positive music. They look at all the bad ones. But even then, the bad ones have something good in them. People judge others because of the music they listen to (believe it or not, people get judged because of the music they listen to everyday).

Sometimes when I hear or see it happen, I want to go up and say to that person, “We are who we are. If you don’t like it… go release your judgement somewhere else.” One day I will say that to someone. But yeah… those are the types of music we teenagers are listening to and why we listen to it.

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