Desert Ridge Academy club and school activities week of Feb. 8-12


Brissa Barrera, Reporter


Desert Ridge Academy students have an option to join clubs or activities that the school holds for them such as ASL (American Sign Language) Club, Anime Club, 3-D Club, Gamers Club, Mindfulness and KIndness Club.

           These Meetings take place on live stream on Zoom after all classes have ended. The school holds activities so that students can enhance and gain understanding or effectiveness skills. The school also holds these activities to add some fun in learning.

                 Schools have the clubs so that students can find people with simulatereies that they like and even make friends with the people in the clubs. Ms Amdiai Leadership Teacher stated that everyone should join a club if wanted she even said,  “I enjoy learning about in the clubs, I even got to learn a few things in our ASL Club.”

               For more information about clubs and school activities, visit your grade-level Google classroom.