Drama production needs sound effects person


Bailey O

Hey, Diamondbacks!

The drama department needs an actresses/actor,  or a sound effects person. This person will have their camera on while the play is going on, showing how they make the sound effects happen. Things that you may need if you audition :

x boots
x chain – may be used to indicate soldiers’ gear clanking
x gravel + tray to hold gravel
x cardboard box with loose closure flaps for ‘scuffling’
x trowel
x (1) pair kids’ shoes
x soup pot
x buckets of water
x crackly plastic = fire
x three large round smooth stones
x carrots & cabbage – I cut them in half, lengthwise, to eliminate rolling.
x large kitchen knife
x cutting board
x stirring spoon + 2 small spoons (the Child may bang on the table)
x kitchen timer (we discovered that the stirring spoon gave a good ‘ring’ when tapped
on the cutting board)
x ground cloth to protect floor from possible spills

If you have any of these at home please use them but what you don’t have DRA will provide them for you at the library.