Mindfulness and kindness club meets every Wednesday


Jose Valez, Reporter

The Mindfulness and Kindness club meets every Wednesday via zoom at 1:50 p.m. Ms. Alles and Ms.Martin are club advisers because they want students to know that being mindful and kind is an important role to a human. 

People may be asking what is a mindful and kindness club? Well, Mindfulness and Kindness club is to show the students why being mindful and kind is good and important to life. Ms.Alles and Ms. Martin makes sure whoever enters feels welcome and safe.

¨If you want to get some strategies to settle your mind, be present, and promote kindness, give Mindfulness and Kindness Club a try. It’s a great way to end your school day.¨  said Mrs.Martin, co-adviser. 

For more Zoom link meeting information and other information about activities and clubs at DRA, visit your grade-level Google classroom.