Daily Announcements for Friday, April 16, 2021


Dr. Mendoza, Principal

April Character Focus: Accountability: Accountability is when an individual takes responsibility for their actions. We experience consequences for our performance or actions. Accountability is essential for a society. Without it, it is difficult to get people to assume ownership of their own actions because they believe they will not face any consequences.

Kindness Quote of the Week: The kind of Kindness the world needs… is the sort that separates people from their pain and acknowledges that our worst behaviors are more often by-products of suffering than intentional decisions of disdain. Deep Kindness requires us to see past the barbs thrown our way to note that most outward spikes are protecting some inward softness that just wants to be handled (or hugged) with love.  Forgiveness is the Kindness that repairs our broken hearts.

  • National Youth Violence Prevention Week at DRA: Flyer :  Its goal is to raise awareness and to educate students, school staff, and the community on effective ways to prevent or reduce youth violence. This week-long initiative includes activities demonstrating the positive role youth can have in making their school and community safer.




    • Hall Direction/Arrows: We are now able to share the hall! Just remember, walk on your right hand side all the time.
    • Lunch & Breakfast: Breakfast and Grab and Go lunch are free for all. Don’t be shy, get your breakfast bag as you come in and take your lunch with you as you go. Just remember, if you are taking the bus, you have to wait until you get home to eat your meal. Also, Distance Learning & Hybrid Learning Students, remember that we have food for you to take home for the whole week on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00am near the Admin Office Parkinglot. Come get your meals!
    • DRA PARENT ACADEMY: Friendly reminder, tonight at 6:00 PM is DRA’s Parent Academy and the topic is Social Emotional Learning Strategies To Use at Home. Student’s please help us remind your parents to join us. Here is the flyer with all the important information on how to join us.
    • UNIFORMS: Uniforms are being enforced everyday. If you come to school without a uniform we will send you to the library to either buy a shirt or get a loner. Lanyards and IDs are also mandatory. Any part of your clothes or accessories that can cause a disruption in class is also not allowed. Show integrity, follow our dress code policy
  • Back wall of school – A warning to stay away from the back wall of the school, the district is doing construction along the back fence to SHHS. You will see caution tape and barriers, please do not enter. Thanks
  • SHOUT-OUTS: Please submit your shout-outs for the morning announcements using the form below. Yes, they can be to your friends, parents and staff members, but it has to be character based. Sorry, no birthdays!

    • Ms. Davis – I want to shout out Mrs. Davis because she is always nice and helps me with st math. From a DRA student.
    • My 4th and 6th period ASB – In a Pandemic, during the first two days of HYBRID, you each successfully ran ASB meetings to carry on with the business of helping others at our school! Big props to Julia Fernandez, ASB President, Carlos Pinell, ASB Secretary, Luke Holguin ASB President and Emma Castro, ASB President for running the meetings and recording the minutes! SO PROUD of all of you for your service to our school! From Mrs. Amidei
    • Mrs. Sandi Rockwell She is a great para educator at DRA from Jonathan Anguiano