National Make a Friend Day is February 11, 2021


National Make a Friend Day is on February 11th. That’s why on this day, we encourage you to make a friend! Even though we can’t see each other due to the pandemic, it  doesn’t mean that we still cannot make or be friends.

Think about it like this: Your friends were once strangers to you, but then once you got to know them, you became great friends with them. Though socializing with and meeting new people can be scary, it’s one way you can make friends!

There are many new ways to make friends. One way you can make a new friend is by saying. hi, smiling at them, or wave to them during zoom. You can even make a new friend during quarantine by playing online games. Just make sure you are being VERY safe while you are doing that. You can also make a friend by talking to each other through email.

These are ways to make new friends. Just be safe in the process.

Have a good day Diamondbacks. We will be back with some very fun holidays we will all enjoy!! Be safe out there!!