Today is Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day!

Nova Mae

Earth day is on April 22, 2021. It is celebrated internationally by millions of people!! Earth Day is celebrated because it teaches people about issues that are having a great effect on our planet. And it’s not a good effect. Earth Day can be just one day… Or we could do a whole Earth Week!!

Earth week is kind of like Earth Day but longer. It’s a day/week where we talk about what’s happening to the earth and how it is affecting us and animals. Also, Global warming has been impacting our world for a very long time. For example, Bees have not been pollinating the flowers because spring happened too early which caused flowers to die. We don’t just talk about global warming on earth day we also talk about other things that hurt are earth.    

It wasn’t until the 1960s, after the publication of a book called Silent Spring, that the effects of pollution on the planet were brought to the attention of the American public. In those times, planet protection was not a priority for the government and politicians, and there weren’t many activists dedicated to raising awareness about these issues. In fact, the biggest pollutants of the time, factories and cars, were considered symbols of wealth and therefore not regarded as dangerous. At the same time, not many people knew about recycling. 

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, with rallies and demonstrations happening in Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and several other American cities. The day was very successful in raising awareness about the risks that the planet faced, and after a survey, it was determined that 25% of Americans now considered the protection of the planet to be a priority. Usually on this day schools and environmental agencies will organize events and activities that aim to protect the planet, such as planting trees, picking up trash on roads, beaches, and parks as well as promoting the benefits of recycling.

As this is a day to bring awareness to the necessity of protecting the planet, many people will sign petitions directed at governments about the emergency of acting against global warming and the destruction of the planet.