Reading with the 2nd Graders

Reading with the  2nd Graders

Audrina Munoz, Reporter - Diamondback News

On Monday we have recently been reading with and listen to by the 2nd graders, during W.E.B class. We go to the 2nd graders class while we are all on one Zoom. The 2nd graders all have a book they have or want to read, and the student who Ms.Amidei has For W.E.B in cohort A have books as well and read to the 2nd graders.  If the elementary students finish reading the book they have, or don’t have a book, our student leaders read. When we are about to read or get read to by the 2nd graders we go into breakout rooms and once the 2nd grader finishes reading, we give them words of thankfulness and encouragement. We type in chat or unmute saying “That was great, Good job, That was awesome, and Thank you for reading to us”. Going in these breakout rooms with the 2nd graders, they look up and are happy to see us in the class. The best way to make their day and lead the way is to be kind and respectful towards the 2nd graders and leave a great impression of what DRA is about which is accountability integrity and respect.