I Got A New Hamster


Eliana Carrello, My New Hamster!

Since I got my grades up (I got my hamster on thursday) my dad decided to reward me with a new hamster. His name is Smokey, and his fur color is light grey and dark grey. I think he might be bigger than my last hamster.  Her name was Holly, Unfortunately she died(🙁I’m not sure how she died honestly, I just think she was old). Smokey is very funny, and smart. (Here is a little story)—> During the weekend on Saturday, I had him on my desk, he managed to get off and go behind my dresser. I was so scared because I thought I lost him already(Scary😬). I am very grateful that I have him because I feel lonely all the time. I’m also grateful that my mom agreed to get the hamster. So I want to thank my mom and dad.

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