Not all was fair at the Fair


iliana castrejon , Reporter - Diamond Back News

In 2017,  I went to the Date Festival with my cousins; well we go every year, but the year I’m talking about sucked. We go with my family, but my mom and grandma leave with younger ones so it is just my sister, 2-3 of my cousins, and me. In 2017 we had an uneven number. We had 5 of us and my sister and my cousin Raquel went together all the time and my other cousins LoLo and Nadira went together so I ended up the odd one out.

They wanted to go on almost all the rides, but all the rides were 2 seats, so I had to go with a random person, but since I was younger and shorter, I had to go with one of my cousins. My sister never liked going with me so it was either my cousin Lolo, Nadira, or Raquel;they didn’t mind going with me but my sister never wanted to go with my so she would be mad when she had to sit next to a random person. When it started to get later at night, my mom and brother left so we were with our grandma, my grandma is  crazy. She’ll  go on any ride, so finally I wasn’t the odd one out of the bunch but I did still went with my cousins from time to time and my grandma went with my other cousins. So it was crazy and frankly boring for me at first but at the end it all worked out for the best.