Interviews with Jasmin and Alexandra


Today I interviewed Alexandra¬† a 13 year old going into 7th grade, who dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer. She loves reading and hates pen clicking. While she loves cities, she dreams to go to Paris. Watching sports is fun but she doesn’t have a favorite team. On the weekends she has the mango dragon fruit but prefers coffee. For dinner she loves having pasta, while on her phone watching her tik tok crush Vinnie Hacker.She is an amazing ASB leader and excited for new opportunities.

Today I interviewed a 13 year old named Jasmin going to 8th grade, who wants to be a dancer. She loves ASB and would love to go to Hawaii.During late afternoons she is just scrolling on TikTok and watching her TikTok crush Vinnie Hacker while she’s eating chili cheese fries and drinking strawberry acai tea with her favorite cat.