Halloween Costume Ideas

Isabella Morin, DRA Journalism


It’s a month before Halloween and you want to have a costume before they all go out of stock at Walmart. You want to be creative, nothing too generic and nothing too bland. Maybe something like a zombie cheerleader. Or…you could stand out and have a crazy looking costume. If you’d like to be something strange and weird, follow these costume ideas! If you want to be something with a lot of lights and bright colors, why not be a computer head tangled in Christmas lights? Now if you would like to find one of those old Microsoft computers from the early 2000s then you find it! But if you want to go a little bit more simple then find a cardboard box that will fit your head inside of it. Nothing too small and nothing too large. Now you can paint it like whichever computer you’d like and do whatever design. Find some Christmas lights in your house or storage that nobody really uses anymore, and besides! Christmas is in 2-3 months so you won’t be needing them for a while. The outfit is up to you!

Now onto the next costume idea, if you’d like to be something with a lot of candy, why not be a candy monster? Find a crazy looking outfit, something that will compliment the look. For the candy, you could get some real candy or you can make some fake ones out of paper or clay. When you finally find the outfit that will complete the look, get some googly eyes and hot glue em’ to random parts of your costume. You can change it around a little if you’d like. Now for this costume, it may sound silly but I bet it’ll turn out somewhat cool.

Pastel colors are the most finest colors you could have on an outfit. So, why not be a pastel clown? Make it all cool and colorful. Get some pastel and or colorful fingerless gloves. Find some fake but not cheap looking flowers to make a flower crown or you can get a regular party hat from Walmart or something. Find some nice black platform shoes, not too tall and maybe get some that are maybe 2 inches tall. You can add more accessories if you’d like. The outfit part is the best part about the costume, just make sure it looks cute and colorful. The makeup part is up to you! I hope this has helped you or at least given you an idea of what to be for Halloween this year!