Squid Games


Lillyen Morales, DRA Journalism

Squid Games is very popular right now. Squid Games is on the platform called Netflix. Squid Games’ plot, according to IMDB, “…Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games…” There is a big cash prize for the winner. The creator of Squid Games is “…Hwang Dong-Hyuk…” according to Google. The people have to play “…six games…” according to Google once again. Squid Games is dark and is rated TV-MA which means TV mature. It is technically not rated R. Netflix is probably making a lot of money off this show.  [Editor’s note: Due to the popularity of the show many students are talking about it.  In fact, students were played “Red Light, Green Light” in the Snake Pit with the Squid Games soundtrack playing].