Where did the sawing chairs come from??


Gizelle Reyes, Reporter - Diamondback News

Lately kids have been sawing chairs and the teachers don’t know where it came from or how it happend. The trend actually started on TikTok..It blew up and spread around the platform really fast. One of our teachers have found out how the students been sawing the chairs, they cut off their ear piece to their mask and use it on the chair. The is not the DRA way…They school chair cost a lot of money, all the school property cost a lot in general. The school chairs cost about $200 that’s a lot. Thinking that students have been ruining our chairs just makes it more worse. We had about 15 destroyed chairs in one classroom…That’s ridiculous. Is there a way we can prevent it from happening? I honestly don’t know but if there is a way, like maybe assigned chairs to people and after every period the teachers check their chairs. Yeah but if we keep destroying our chairs we won’t be able to have ANY school events.  Just think about 15 chairs destroyed, each one cost $20o…soo 15 x 200 = 3,000. That’s insane. We are spending about $3,000 just for some chairs. We keep doing this we are eventually going to not even have school events or will need fundraisers for furniture not events.