Ukraine and Russia War

Lillyen Morales, DRA Journalism

(This is all the information I know I did not search anything up.) Ukraine and Russia are in a war right now. NATO is an alliance between like 13 countries that was formed in World War II or World War I.  Ukraine wants to join NATO, but if Ukraine joins NATO the possibility of World War III breaking out becomes more realistic. America is not helping Ukraine with the fighting, which gives Putin (the Russian president) the green flag to keep fighting. Russia and most Middle Eastern countries have most of the oil and gas in the region. Middle Eastern countries slowed their supply of gas because of COVID.  America and none of the NATO countries are getting gas from Russia which means gas prices are going up a lot. This means Putin is just going to keep fighting Ukraine because Putin wants to take power of Ukraine. The only alliance that Russia has is with Belarus; which is a country right next to Russia. I think this means that World War III will break out if Ukraine joins NATO.