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Mrs. Thomas is on a roll!

Kayleen Lopez

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Mrs. Thomas is on a roll! She is the leader of Club Live, AVID club/ classes, and ASES! Boy, I don’t  know how she does it! Talk about BUSY!  She takes her clubs seriously with the help of her amazing REPS/ Presidents. She is also so organized with all her work and upcoming events.  Room 410 is where she holds her clubs/classes. Club Live meets on Wednesdays, ASES after school, and AVID club on Mondays. It’s really awesome how organized and how much effort and hard work she puts into these things.

“Mrs. Thomas inspires me to be a better teacher. She is funny. I love her sense of humor and her bright smile! She is  kind, hardworking, and is always supportive of teachers and students, ” said Ms. Flaherty, journalism teacher.

“Mrs. Thomas is awesome! She helps me out when I don’t do my Cornell notes well and she is so caring and kind,”said Mia Griggs, student in Avid 4 period.

“Mrs. Thomas is fantastic because she has a great attitude and helps us with speeches, “said Janessa Cardenas, student in Avid 7 period.

In conclusion, we should appreciate Mrs. Thomas and all the amazing things she does for us, even if you’re not in any of her clubs or classes.


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Mrs. Thomas is on a roll!