Testing Week Schedule

Isaac Fernandez

Starting tomorrow April 4th there will be an updated schedule for the CAASPP testing which will last for Tuesday and Wednesday for this week and next week. School will still start at 9:00, when the bell rings in the morning you will head to your 4th period class to do testing which will last from 9:00-11:17.  Right after testing everyone will go to lunch which is from 11:17-11:57. After lunch everyone will start going to all their classes in order from 1st-7th since a lot of the school day was used already all of these classes will only be 26 minutes long. While testing you have to wear headphones you have an option to bring your own but if you cannot your teachers will provide you with some, if you decide yo bring your own they must be wired if not you cannot use them. Testing will be a long process but don’t worry you will get breaks throughout class and you will be provided snacks from your teachers.